Introducing The Grizzly Bear Podcast

By Anthony York | Posted October 29, 2015

This week, we introduce the Grizzly Bear podcast, an audio exploration of the news and issues facing California. For fans of the California Politics Podcast I have done for years, (and hope to do more of) with John Myers of the LA Times and Marisa Lagos from KQED, this podcast may serve as a temporary bridge while we get all the wrinkles worked out and prepare to relaunch that podcast, bigger and better than ever.

This week, I talk  to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Joe Garofoli about next week’s election in San Francisco, and its deep connection to the issues of inequity and economic opportunity that have become part of the national political zeitgeist. As Joe says this ballot is a “reaction to what people are feeling in this city right now.” We discuss the Tuesday ballot and it’s implications for the future of the city and our state.

The audio quality is low, hopefully the quality of the content is higher. And in the “Ready, Fire, Aim” spirit that has guided this project from its inception, I hope you find something to enjoy.

Thanks for listening…

Grizzley Project Podcast Episode 1 MP3




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Anthony York
Anthony York has covered California politics for close to 20 years. Before launching the Grizzly Bear Project in 2015, he covered Gov. Jerry Brown's administration for the Los Angeles Times. He is the former editor of Capitol Weekly, a former Associate Editor of the California Journal and of, where he also served as the Web site's Washington D.C. correspondent. He tweets at @anthonyyork49

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