California Influencers Index: Vaccines, water dominate spring media chatter

By Anthony York | Posted April 22, 2015

OK, it’s been a while since we did this, but it’s about time for a check in with the California Influencers Index. The index, powered by software from Zignal Labs, tracks all Twitter mentions and activity of a select list of California political insiders, including elected officials, lobbyists and members of the media.

Let’s start with the month of March, which was dominated by vaccine talk. The anti-vax movement is active online, and we see the results of that activity in the word cloud below. Specifically, the demise of mandatory vaccination bill in Oregon dominated the chatter as California lawmakers debated SB 277. Again, this word cloud for all Tweets that came from or included mention of Twitter handles for the month of March:

CII -- March Word Cloud


By April, the conversation had changed dramatically. Here’s the word cloud from the same Twitter list from April 1-21:

CII -- April Word Cloud

Our most popular Tweets for the month of April include a familiar mix of media, elected officials and celebrities. They include posts from the Los Angeles Times, Jerry Brown and Mark Ruffalo:

CII -- April Tweets

Gov. Brown’s announcement of mandatory water restrictions on April 1 led to the busiest social media day of the week on our index, with more than 7,700 mentions and retweets from the 300 members of our index. Here’s a day by day chart of Twitter mentions and activity for the month of April:


CII -- Total Mentions

Also, we are looking to update the list of Tweeters on the Influencers Index list. If you have nominations of someone who should be on the list, please email their Twitter handle to me


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Anthony York
Anthony York has covered California politics for close to 20 years. Before launching the Grizzly Bear Project in 2015, he covered Gov. Jerry Brown's administration for the Los Angeles Times. He is the former editor of Capitol Weekly, a former Associate Editor of the California Journal and of, where he also served as the Web site's Washington D.C. correspondent. He tweets at @anthonyyork49

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