Are soaring pension and administration costs at heart of UC budget fight?

By Anthony York | Posted March 5, 2015

This week, the University of California announced it would cap enrollment for in-state students at some campuses.

In the wake of this escalation of the game of budget chicken between U.C. President Janet Napolitano and state lawmakers, I’ve reposted a collection of Tweets from December that include links and facts about how and why costs are skyrocketing at the University of California.

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Anthony York
Anthony York has covered California politics for close to 20 years. Before launching the Grizzly Bear Project in 2015, he covered Gov. Jerry Brown's administration for the Los Angeles Times. He is the former editor of Capitol Weekly, a former Associate Editor of the California Journal and of, where he also served as the Web site's Washington D.C. correspondent. He tweets at @anthonyyork49

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